Tuesday 21 August 2007

Lucky Climbers Roam To Their Hearts Content

Looks to be truly an amaze-ing time climbing, hanging, chatting, lounging and or generally messing about within these permanent or temporary architectural structures for large somewhat empty atrium type interiors like Museums, Banks or just about any other suitable building or location. There are just so many possible opportunities available that could benefit everybody. Kids can go play in the platforms whilst parents tend to go about their business or socialized meetings in the Banks or Airports or Hotel Lobbies. The main problem parents may encounter is getting the kids off the thing to leave or whatever.

These play platform suspended climbing stairways and nets are probably a pain in the proverbial for the minimalists, nevertheless purist aesthetics aside Luckey and Luckey are a company that designs and installs variously similar play platforms in very large open interior spaces. Luckey and Luckey it would appear viewing their website, to have already installed 16 of these play platforms across the US and one in Mexico City, which looking at it appears to be designed more like an arcade game accompanied by a uniformed attendant, whereas the one Holyoke is very staid in its appearance whereas the one at Normal, Illinois (pardon me but a real city called Normal?) looks very intense, whereas the one pictured here at Bloomingtons fired me up for this post.
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