Monday 20 August 2007

Is This Evolution Working Overtime ?

Or is it Global Warming leading to Habitat Destruction ?

From the East coast of Australia these fist size Jelly's migrate to the Gulf of Mexico and grow into voluminous 25 pound dinner plates with devastating consequences to the marine ecology.

Scientists do not believe the local population will be large enough to present any problems for shrimpers or commercial fishermen this year, as they did in 2000, when shrimping became impossible in places. But they said the East Coast sightings raise the possibility that the jellyfish could become established along both the Gulf and Atlantic coasts. While the invasive spotted jellies (Phyllorhiza punctata) do not sting, other stinging species common in Alabama waters are especially thick this year due to the higher salinity levels resulting from drought conditions throughout the state, according to Dauphin Island Sea Lab scientist Monty Graham, one of a handful of jellyfish experts in the world.

This phenomena raises questions like:
All we can do is observe them arriving, but what is their migratory paths ?
and how long is their journey ? or Are they permanently migrating ? Do they stay there ?
Are their sizes being monitored ?

Perhaps some answers are here (mouse over the words)
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