Friday 20 July 2007

Memoire1 : Sublime Minimalist Timepiece

Maurice Lacroix has created the worlds first mechanical watch with a memory: Memoire pronounced me moire is both a mechanical watch and a chronograph.

It has two hands one for minutes and the other for seconds, a floating disk indicates the hour. A button on the crown of the device switches between the modes of telling the time and measuring an interval of time. After one switches to the "Chrono" one can also immediately switch to the "Time" mode.

The memory function kicks in when switching between reading the time and measuring an interval, which can be done infinitely without loss to mechanism and/or function of the ML 128 calibre manufacture movement. The Watch is constructed of 537 components including 9 patented switching hearts. Full pictures of the watch are yet to be revealed when the watch will be shown at Baselworld 2008 next spring.

An intriguing piece of music accompanies the Flash Intro - check it out.
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