Wednesday, 6 November 2013

The possibility of completely removing your identity from the internet

but, just how far into the future is impossible to determine, largely because of the exponential growth of internet compliant appliances for everyday use. Up until as recently as six years ago the only everyday consumer device that was compliant on the internet was the computer. Certainly since from the launch of Apple's iphone around 2007, a growing list of everyday consumer electronic devices are being released as connectable, or some even, dependent upon the internet and hence a legally binding identity to use and connect them.

Many if not the greater majority of them, need an online legally binding identity in order for them to even work. To name just a few of these currently internet compliant gadgets are cell phones, tablets, refrigerators, ovens, tv's, vacuum cleaners, and on the immediate horizon if not already in the consumer market motor cars.

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