Friday, 23 January 2009

Green Cloud and the Unplug Effect

Apart from winning a prestigious art award for the Nuage Vert, or “Green Cloud” speaks volumes of how the relationship of community can work with a practice of art not quite prevalent in contemporary times. The French art duo HeHe (Helen Evans and Heiki Hansen), projected a green illumination onto the chimney emissions of the Salmisaari power plant. The illumination adjusted its shape and size to the contours of the vapor, reflecting the electrical consumption of residents in Ruoholahti and neighboring Lauttasaari (Finland). During the week long installation, local residents were asked to consume less, unplug their electrical appliances, and then watch the green cloud grow!. Hence the graphic on the right illustrates the net effect of the electrical consumption of residents using less electrical power during a week from the Salmisaari power plant.

"The physical dimension of the Salmisaari site, inhabits a special position in Helsinki; physically, visually and metaphorically. The vertical vectors of the architecture connect the underworld with the sky: the underground coal storage tunnels descend to 126m below sea level (the deepest point in Helsinki) whilst it’s chimney reaches 155m into the sky with its cloud disappearing into the lower atmosphere.”

Go here to read further and see more videos of the "Green Cloud" as it happened.

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