Sunday, 30 November 2008

Karmacoda; Make Like Mine

The infectious emotion from San Francisco artists, Karmacoda is actively collated in this interesting video by Luiz Otavio Feldens, who also did their previous video for Skylines from their Illuminate album.

Saturday, 29 November 2008

Fin- fish blimp sublimely swims through the air !

Referred to here as an ostraciform air ship, developed by LaChLuVe was recently captured at the Airship Regatta in Friedrichshafen, Germany.

Although Fin-fish is remotely controlled it uses the principals of locomotion to move and glides through the air propelled by a very natural looking swish of the tail, which also provides steering when holding it in place and gliding. The pectoral fins are servo actuated for additional control.

" While we do not understand all there is to know about how fish swim so effectively we do know that its flexible body plan helps it to greatly reduce the turbulence it creates, and that a swimming fish experiences far less drag, about 10th only, of the drag generated by a rigid model of a fish being propelled at the same speed. Part of the efficiency also comes from the slime that a fish produces, while this is annoying when you are trying to hold a fish it reduces the friction a fish experiences by at least 65%.."

So perhaps we ought to try to make the skins of aircraft greasy ?

Nevertheless the delightful soundtrack that accompanies the Fin-fish video is; Below The Arctic Ocean, by Azhrak.


Friday, 28 November 2008

Half Dub Theory performs Blue

Half Dub Theory
does live performance at "Veranda More" beach in Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

Thursday, 27 November 2008

Bird Eyes by Yoshiyuki Kaneko

Experience flying like a bird, with music in this panorama.

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Video from; Water and Sustainable Development Expo, Zaragoza, Spain

International Expo 2008, took as its theme the natural resource most affected by climate change: Water and Sustainable Development.

This video is a 2 min montage filmed on-site of; What are the consequences of thirst ?

Read more about the pavilion and expo here !

Electronic Night

Excerpts from 3 channel video projection for multimedia show...

visuals: Rocco Helmchen

music: Doc and Lena Selyanina


Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Expanding Helicoid

Chuck Hoberman was commissioned by Discovery World to design and engineer at Pier Wisconsin his Expanding Helicoid . The sculpture expands and contracts from a 3' x 12' cluster to a 9' x 36' helical structure.

The installation

"smoothly expands to fill the spiral staircase at the center of Discovery World’s permanent biotech exhibit in Milwaukee. Visitors have the sensation of being inside the sculpture: as it expands, it seems to grow like a living plant; as it contracts, it seems to disappear into the stairwell. Bound by two spiral staircases–like the DNA double helix it resembles–the helicoid itself is like a living organism, visually joining the staircases from landing to landing."

The designer's other works and ideas are available in this interview.

Monday, 24 November 2008

Two Men Jumped Off the Burj Dubai and Lived to Tell About It

The Burj Dubai tower is the world’s tallest structure ever and once it’s done, will be by far the tallest building ever created. And they really, really don’t want you to jump off of it. Which is why a Brit and a Frenchman decided to sneak up to the top and BASE jumped from it at 650 meters up.

Now, there's video available of their infiltration, jump and subsequent escape. The footage from up top and the jump is just incredible stuff.

Be sure to read the footnote at the end; wait for it, it's worth it.

Saturn: Evolution of technology HD HQ

The evolution of technology, beginning in the early stone age and evolving to the most powerful technology of all times.

This video is a commercial for Saturn - a specialty retailer of consumer electronics in Germany.

Sunday, 23 November 2008

Cuckoo Bird

delicately and with calming sincerity Lisa DeBenedictis sings whilst we watch The Cuckoo.

Lisa has been described as a DIY singer, songwriter, and producer who plays piano, guitar, keyboard, and mandolin. Her music contains mainly guitar and piano, with synth and smart and frequently dark lyrics.

Alternatively here is a Remixed version of the passive-aggressive studio mix of The Cuckoo that you may more particularly favor !

Friday, 21 November 2008

Joule in the rough; South Africa beats GM to market with an electric car

Joule is a play on South Africa's notorious blood-diamond trade as well as a reference to energy and its creators say it uses about 20% of the energy needed by a conventional car and produces no damaging environmental emissions.The six-seat multi-purpose vehicle’s interior and exterior was styled by Keith Helfet, the South Africa-born designer who became famous as Jaguar’s chief stylist.

According to the manufacturer Optimal, the Joule is all-electric with motor-driven front wheels and in-wheel magnetic propulsion at the rear, delivering a range of 125 miles / 200km range, with two packs providing 400km in total.

This video of the Joule was made at the launch party in South Africa before its world release at the Paris motor show.

So far there seems to be no mention of price or availability !


The Vacationeers

What happens when "search" comes searching for you ?

Two young men take a turn down the wrong street view.

Thursday, 20 November 2008

Sprint's 'Now'

If you're not a fan of Flash, you definitely don't want to check out Sprint's new Now dashboard page, which features a compendium of useful and trivial information, entertainment and diversions. A computerized female voice welcomes you and speaks out your current time.

You simply run your mouse over things on the page and at some instance find yourself clicking on something. The page has web cam feeds and variously placed video's as well as all sorts of running tallies, such as how many coffee cups are being manufactured at this instant, or the current population of the world.


Wednesday, 19 November 2008

NIRO by Robertina Sebjanic

"This video dissects, hides and reveals intimacy and its place in contemporary world. In our time impersonality of social relations is highly valued, yet we simultaneously desperately aspire to authenticity and immediacy of simple personal contact. Through video this tension is articulated as a set of questions on how much intimacy there is, what is personal space, what limits it and what opens it. On the screen two faces, personalities, mental landscapes intersect, they are in a dialogue with each other, where merger brings turnabout: to enter in our, my, your space means to lose one's own space and to steal it from the other."

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Solar Twins: Rock The Casbah

Solar Twins, Joanna Stevens and David Norland, met each other in London flew to Hollywood with only $300 in their pocket, they knew no one and had nowhere to stay; standing on the corner of Sunset and Vine, they called the one number they'd been given, and out of nowhere, a green limo appeared and brought them off to a luxurious penthouse in West Hollywood.

In case you thought this post may have been about Astronomy; A solar twin is a star whose temperature, luminosity, mass, age, and chemical composition are identical to the Sun. Astronomers believe the similarities may not end there; solar twins could also harbor similar planetary systems with Earth-like planets capable of sustaining life.

Monday, 17 November 2008

Andrew Neumann's Kinetic Sculpture

One of the latest RSS feeds I subscribe to outlines the art work of Andrew Neumann who is attempting to give sculpture a new context; is doing his latest solo exhibition "The Last Picture Show" at Axiom gallery.

"This exhibition features the artist's most recent moving industrial wall panels and showcases his evolving use of multi-channel video frames to redefine the analysis and engagement inherent to the machine. "

Likewise his website linked to the image here displays his videos (V) and pictures (P) and music demonstrates a unique and meditative view on the concepts and structure behind modern electronic devices.


Humble Surveillance ?

Sunday, 16 November 2008

G-Speak: Spatial Interactive Gestural Operating Environment

Life once again imitates art. If you saw the movie Minority Report, you’ll remember the large, interactive computer screen Tom Cruise uses. One of the science advisers from the Steven Spielberg film along with a team of other zany visionaries has created a real-world implementation of the computer systems seen in the movie. The g-speak platform is a complete application development and execution environment that combines gestural input/output and recombinant networking to deliver a new way of working with on screen data.


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Saturday, 15 November 2008

Molecular Visualizations of DNA

It has been said that human beings are 99% bacteria and 1% human.

This video demonstrates the birth and life of a single cell and shows animations of DNA coiling, replicating, transcriptions and translations.

Here is the 8 minute version

Friday, 14 November 2008

C3 Loops: A new Touchscreen Interface

Rikard Lindell has developed C3 Loops, a ConCentric Craft audio/visual touchscreen system.

C3 Loops is a single-point touch screen interface that allows users to navigate around a virtual plane playing audio and video clips. All the action occurs by using your fingers in a corkscrew motion. Zooming in and out is achieved by circling with your finger. The user draws their fingers around in circles clockwise to zoom in, counterclockwise to zoom out.

See the interface in action running on a Macbook which was demonstrated at the NordiCHI'08 (the 5th Nordic Conference on Computer-Human Interaction). Here is Pete's Sonic Art Research blog which documented the NordiCHI'08 workshops.


Thursday, 13 November 2008

Beep-it: An Optical Theremin Synthesizer

Inventor/creator Michael Una has built a delightfully simple hand gestural electronic music instrument which acts as an optically controlled squarewave generator. He has housed it within a petri dish enclosure making a very simple compact design.

"This minimalist electronic musical instrument eschews esoteric interface in favor of intuitive, expressive control. One button turns the device on or off, which can produce a continuous tone or a rhythmic sequence. One sensor varies pitch of the output waveform in response to ambient light. The resulting system encourages playfulness and body movement."

Here, is a demonstration of the optical theremin synthesizer, which outputs a square wave whose pitch is variable in relation to the amount of light striking a photocell mounted within the device.

Michael hand-builds the devices and sells them for US$25, he also makes the plans freely available for anyone wishing to build their own.


Wednesday, 12 November 2008

The Black Hole

A sleep-deprived office worker accidentally discovers a black hole ... and then greed gets the better of him ...


And what is this video called again ?


by Charlie McCarthy

wish I knew something about the music track or source .... say I don't suppose someone in this instant has a clue ?

Charlie does however admit to the origin of his inspiration in the form of Karen Abad's video piece, and I totally recommend you watch .... (NB I used Safari with the Glims full screen plugin and command minus), link.

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Orb by James Nick Sears and Ron Sears.

Orb is a sublime 3D spinning device that can display smooth video or static images. The device uses a spinning ring with tri-color LEDs inside, and relies on precise angular sensing and persistence-of-vision to create the effect of a spherical display surface. The Orb is hundreds of computer-controlled LEDs soldered into a ring that spins at an impressive 1,600 rpm. A computer synchronizes the LEDs to project animated digital images in full 3-D.

You'll find documentation of the complete project and more videos, here.

Monday, 10 November 2008

Tag Galaxy : : A Playful Image Search Engine

I typed "earth" into the search line then clicked the sphere but you can practically type anything in there. This image search engine relies on your interactive involvement and intuitive participation.

The sphere can be spun by dragging on it then double clicking an image that appeals to you, the image will then move forward then you click again etc....

This search engine seems to be optimized for Flickr, so one is left to ponder what or when Google will do something similar for its image library, Picassa ?

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Video orb structure built with music video's.

Sunday, 9 November 2008

Ingenious DIY method for capturing High-Speed Photos

Did you know those little, yellow disposal cameras you buy at the local Safeway can also capture an image of a speeding bullet or a balloon the instant it's popped ?

Master hacker, Bre Pettis, shows host Ziya Tong how to hack the sluggish, 35mm camera into high-speed strobe.

Here is a video about Mefeedia who hosts video feeds.

Saturday, 8 November 2008

shiny, happy tech news from Cali Lewis @

Cali Lewis intrepid reporter of the almost Daily Geekbrief tv podcasts, showcases in this episode among other things a handful of shiny happy tech toys.

First up is the Vuzix iWear AV920 which Cali is seen wearing in the accompanying snapped image. Wow this personal video viewing experience seems to have come a long way since these devices first came out. The iWear excells as a display device for other compatible discrete devices like an iphone and what Cali liked the most is how it kept distractions out and let her concentrate on the task at hand.

Secondly Cali introduces us to the Canon 5D Mark II which apart from being a 21 mp still camera can also shoot HD video; it may be worth taking a gander at David Michaud and Florent Porta’s video who say that they’re not professional photographers.

Although I don't imagine that I will ever come to owning many if indeed any of these shiny happy tech toys I nevertheless enjoy more about them whenever the demonstrator conveys a poignant immersive analysis of them.


Previous post from Geekbrieftv

Friday, 7 November 2008

Zero Punctuation Trailer: The Escapist

Zero Punctuation is The Escapist's groundbreaking video review series starring Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw.

Every Wednesday Zero Punctuation picks apart the games so you don't have to.

Yahtzee is a British-born, currently Australian-based writer and gamer. When he isn't talking very fast into a headset mic he also designs freeware adventure games and writes the back page column for PC Gamer.

Thursday, 6 November 2008

krpano: Funky Panorama Viewer

krpano is a small, versatile and high-performance viewer for interactive 3D panoramas on the web. It is based on the cross platform Adobe Flash Player, the world's most popular software platform for interactive software.

Hence the latest Adobe Flash Player must be installed on your computer for the krpano xRez Extreme Resolution to function properly. Mouse over the screen for navigation and right click for Full Screen views and more options.

The krpano Flash Panorama Viewer offers many unique possibilities - an adjustable "fisheye" lens effect for a more realistic representation at greater field of view, the support of up to several giga-pixel large panoramas, script controlled virtual tours and it is upgradable with own plugins.............(continue)

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

The Axolotl Song : Tribute video to Yma Sumac the legendary multi-octave singer

The gifted singer Yma Sumac who had an impressive 5 octave vocal range and exotic persona that made her an international sensation in the 1950s, has passed away. She was 86.

"Sumac's first album for Capitol, "Voice of the Xtabay," soared to the top of the record charts. A handful of other albums followed during the 1950s.With her exotic beauty, elaborate costumes and singing voice that could imitate the cries of birds and wild animals, the woman who claimed to be a descendant of an ancient Incan emperor offered Eisenhower-era audiences something unique. During her 1950s heyday, Sumac sang at the Hollywood Bowl, Carnegie Hall and Royal Albert Hall. She reportedly made $25,000 a week in Las Vegas. She was featured in the 1951 Broadway musical "Flahooley" and appeared in the films "Secret of the Incas" in 1954 and "Omar Khayyam" in 1957. Sumac said she began singing when she was about 9. "

Here is a tribute video composed of remixes and samples of Yma Sumac, "Axolotl", a fantasy about the fabulous Mexican creature, that resembles a monster – and a Muppet – with its slimy tail, plumage- like gills and mouth that curls into an odd smile, written by the composer Don Tiki.

Source, Pictures of Yma Sumac, More Videos,

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

State of the art graphics reveal Vortex Physics

"State-of-the-art computer graphic systems developed for movies and games have made it possible to model in unprecedented detail the swirling rings and tubes that are a characteristic of turbulent vortices. As well as being stunning to look at, the models will help explain the forces that govern vortex decay. This could lead to ways to control them in places where they cause problems, such as over aircraft wings or in blood vessels."

Watch some stunning new vortex simulations that are helping physicists understand turbulence.


Monday, 3 November 2008

Ondea Ondea

The Ondea looks to be a marriage of a Theremin with an electronic keyboard watch Claude-Samuel Levine's demo.

Initially invented by Maurice Martenot in 1930 and more recently, re-engineered as the French Connection ?

Some of you here might be familiar with how Radiohead had this instrument intentionally built, hear it here in this home/studio version of Jigsaw Falling Into Place.

Nevertheless for those of you who prefer a remix of Ondea with techno, then hit it pal.

Cell phone Microwaved produces a surprise

Extremely dangerous do not attempt under any circumstances.

Sunday, 2 November 2008

Electric VTOL (Vertical Take Off Land) DIY RC with mounted camera

Eddie Weeks a hobbyist who has a serious passion for altitude shows us his amazing model VTOL, here also in this second video we can see aerial photographic roaming benefits that this airplatform/glider VTOL has.

Here is more information and links about DIY model and RC making

Saturday, 1 November 2008

Amur Leopard : : Hunted to almost extinction only 35 left ?

Is one of the rarest felids in the world with an estimated 27 to 32 individuals remaining in the wild (2007 snow track count).

“At the beginning of the past century, the Far Eastern leopard was a common species in the southern parts of Sikhote-Alin and in some Khanka lake areas. Right now it roams only in south-west Primorye. About 5000 square kilometres of land in the south-west Primorye region, close to the border between Russia, China and North Korea, were transected for the census and tracks left by the leopards in the snow were counted. Scientists were able to determine the number of the leopards by examining the shape, size and patterns of the tracks as well as determine the direction and time of the animals’ movements."

With a total population of 30-35 individuals, the Amur leopard, or Far Eastern leopard (Panthera pardus orientalis), is one of the most - if not the most - endangered large cats on earth.

Perhaps satiated Apple Mac users of the world may help coalesce this cats deliverance ?

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