Thursday, 29 March 2007

Strings 'nd Things

A really awesome new online document storage/exchange interface
Is this potentially the end of the olde PDF ?

Douments are not the only thing taking on a New Shape

Cassini Images a Bizarre Hexagon on Saturn
An odd, six-sided, honeycomb-shaped feature circling the entire north pole of Saturn has captured the interest of scientists with NASA's Cassini mission.

Kind of curious how nature continues to bamboozle us as we how can create straight were no one thought were possible such as this video of rotating polygons demonstrates.

Flaming Space Junk Narrowly Misses Jet

We've already got a reasonably good idea as to how much of an influence modern civilization has and continues to have on the earth and its atmosphere and now we must also include the outer atmosphere. Humans it seems are very good at producing waste but not a lot of us are intune most of the time when it comes to disposing with it efficiently, say as the animal kingdom does.

"Pieces of space junk from a Russian satellite coming out of orbit narrowly missed hitting a jetliner over the Pacific Ocean overnight. The pilot of a Lan Chile Airbus A340, which was travelling between Santiago, Chile, and Auckland, New Zealand, notified air traffic controllers at Auckland Oceanic Centre after seeing flaming space junk hurtling across the sky just five nautical miles in front of and behind his plane about 10pm last night."

And so a few more of us are making noises about how we should begin to clean up our planet and its environs

Space Junk Cleanup Needed

"The U.S. Space Surveillance Network is currently tracking over 13,000 human-made objects larger than four inches (ten centimeters) in diameter orbiting the Earth. These include both operational spacecraft and debris such as derelict rocket bodies. "Of the 13,000 objects, over 40 percent came from breakups of both spacecraft and rocket bodies," Johnson said. "

So the Space Junk Solar sail vacuum cleaner is born but this device of it ever becomes a real thing will probably inadvertantly bring all if not most Space Nations together to pay for it and resource it, unless of course say that China suddenly realises the huge potential in other peoples trash.

Saturday, 24 March 2007

Not Necessarily Hot News, but Sexy Nevertheless

Part of the secret of Apple TV is that, like most of Apple's products, it doesn't try to do everything and thus is less complex. It can't receive or record cable or satellite TV, so it isn't meant as a replacement for your cable or satellite box, or for a digital video recorder like a TiVo. It can't play DVDs, so it doesn't replace your DVD player. Its sole function is to bring to the TV digital content stored on your computer or drawn from the Internet. Like a DVD player it uses its own separate input on your TV set, and you have to change inputs using your TV remote to use it. All of these functions are controlled through iTunes on your Windows and Mac computers, just as you would control an iPod through iTunes

Stargate: More Sci-fi Refugees

There must be Heaps of Sci-Fi Refugees ?

Friday, 23 March 2007

Map of Sciences ?

An overtly generalized colourful graphic of all the Sciences ?
This map and data seems to be missing some quite important data such as Space and Planetary Science, Nano Science Femto Science, Information Sciences, Computer Science, Linguistic Sciences not to forget Semiotics and Cybernetics and just how many more Sciences are there ? Any Sciences still not accounted for ?
You can add them to the comments and then I'll repost them into this Post.

Here comes the Tricycle Helicopter

The Dutch company PAL-V Europe BV plans to launch in 2009 a Tricycle Helicopter with wings that fold up so the vehicle can be used as a car. Called the PAL-V (short for Personal Air and Land Vehicle), the three-wheeled gyrocopter will lean into turns when driven on the road, go zero to 60 in five seconds and travel 340 miles on a tank of gas.

No mention of probable Airspeeds though, plus it appears to be another combustion engine polluter.
Also no mention of Pilot Licences and as to whether air traffic controllers will have more work cut out for them.

Thursday, 22 March 2007

Al Gore makes global warming plea

One among a few prominent world figures
who are attempting to make positive inroads towards a post Kyoto protocol

Presently we may understand that the Worlds climate is suffering from a serious bout of influenza and Al Gore understands that if the worlds chief polluters don't take immediate action then the worlds climate will next get pneumonia. The situation of the worlds climate is a kin to the worlds health authorities taking action against tobacco smokers except that the worlds atmosphere and clean breathable air is on the decline because of the noxious carbon emissions and the growing amount of this pollution is affecting the worlds climate with extreme weather which add up to increasingly expensive repairs and rejuvenation for human/animal life and infrastructures.
At the moment we are piloting our earthship towards an indifferent future

War, in Waves

The Design and layout of this Artists site impresses plus she has heaps of interesting content.

"Systems are the focal point in the work of artist Louisa Bufardeci. Through her clever detournements, Bufardeci reveals the constructed logic behind the presentation of information, compelling the viewer to reexamine its order. For a recent project, Bufardeci employed the traditional technique of needlepoint to illustrate sound waves. By transforming sound clips that evince the atmosphere of our current war--taped telephone conversations, anti-war speeches, and pistol shots--into visual mementos stitched with care, the artist presents a tranquil document divorced from its thoroughly charged context. An audio artifact transformed into a visual artifact through a painstakingly calculated process, the practice parallels the organization needed to drive battle operations, yet the inability for this effort to cease the reoccurrence of violence throughout history. Each work is diligently framed, suggesting that all representations of war are susceptible to the encasement of a! larger ideological structure. Fully engaged with the 'shock and awe' effect of mediated warfare, Bufardeci's needlework translates its loud and unsettling source material into an eerily silent visual". - Ceci Moss

Worlds Longest Bus

Determined to have the "world's largest" everything by 2010, China recently unveiled the "world's largest" bus, The 25-meter-long “Superliner” at Shanghai’s Busworld Asia 2007 convention has five doors, 40 seats, carries up to 300 passengers and, according to a driver, “is flexible when cornering.”

(The linked site has great little slide show a short way down the page.)
One wonders whether they may go one better with another deck on top

Wednesday, 21 March 2007

mock prison cell resembling David Hicks' living conditions

checkout Peter Murphy's latest Panorama
A mock prison cell resembling David Hicks' living conditions at Guantanamo Bay began its Australia-wide public tour.
News report.

Ever wanted to feel safer, cleaner and dry in wet weather whilst riding a motorcycle with your passenger then the Acabion is for you if u've got close to a million bucks
(Warning site not Safari friendly)

The future of the Past

With this reinvention the task of photocopying from a book
makes the process so easy and saves heaps of time. If you were a speed reader you'd have to be able to read two pages in a second whilst copying it

The copy resolution can be set up to 300 ppi. The scanned image then appears on an LCD display letting you preview the results before you send the files to a USB flash drive, memory card, CD, DVD or even directly to a laser printer. And for archivists the OS 12000 is particularly friendly to older documents since it uses a very low light to illuminate the page in conjunction with the high speed scanning.

Tuesday, 20 March 2007

First Posts In One

Researchers have developed a malaria-resistant mosquito, a step that might one day help block the spread of an illness that has claimed millions of lives around the world.


And a new toy from Sony
Are we to expect to see 36" and 48" iMacs one day

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